Fire Chief Daniel Walston

A Ringgold resident since 2011, Daniel Walston joined the Catoosa County Fire Department in 2009 as a Firefighter. Since then, Chief Walston has worked his way through the ranks of Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO), Officer in Charge (OIC), and was promoted to the Assistant Chief of Training & Special Operations in 2014. In 2019, Chief Walston became the Assistant Chief of Operations. He was responsible for the day to day operations of the department and managed all of the crews and the stations. Chief Walston was promoted in February 2024 to Catoosa County's Fire Chief, following the retirement of Chief Randy Camp. As well as being Fire Chief, Chief Walston also oversees the Special Operations Divisions that involve the department's Rope Team, Swiftwater Team, and Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force.

Chief Walston is a member of the Tri State Mutual Aid Association where he currently serves as the Vice President and Assistant Mutual Aid Coordinator. Chief Walston is also a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Georgia Fire Chiefs Association, Northwest Georgia Fire Chiefs Association, Georgia Firefighters Association, International Association of Arson Investigators, Georgia Association of Fire Investigators, Northwest Georgia Fire Investigators Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and International Society of Fire Service Instructors. Chief Walston has been involved with multiple committees and currently chairs the Tri State Mutual Aid Rope Rescue Committee. 

Chief Walston is a 26-year veteran of the Fire Service where he was a Volunteer and Career Firefighter for The City of East Ridge, Tennessee, prior to coming to Catoosa County. Chief Walston was also a Volunteer and Part Time Firefighter with Post Volunteer / Ft. Oglethorpe Fire Rescue, as well as a Life Member of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue Service where he served multiple ranks, including Chief of the Organization. Chief Walston has been involved in the lead and adjunct instruction of multiple live fire, technical rescue, hazardous materials, and law enforcement classes throughout his career. 

Chief Walston holds many certifications and licenses, to include: National Registered-EMT-I, NPQ-FFI / FFII, Fire Instructor I / II, Fire Officer I, II, III and IV, Fire Investigator I / II, Fire Apparatus Operator, Tennessee Smoke Diver, and various technical / specialized training to include: Rope, Trench, Collapse, Confined Space, Swiftwater, and Hazmat Tech. Chief Walston is also a Georgia Certified Firefighter, Georgia Certified Chief Officer, Georgia Certified Fire Investigator, Georgia POST Certified Law Enforcement Officer, and is a graduate of West Georgia Technical College where he obtained his Associates Degree in Fire Science. Chief Walston also obtained his Fire Officer accreditation through Center for Public Safety Excellence.  

Chief Walston has earned multiple awards, accommodations, merits, and citations during his career to include Rookie of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, Chief's Distinguished Service Award, and several Life Saving Awards.

As Fire Chief for Catoosa County, Chief Walston oversees the operations of nine fire stations equipped with 27 pieces of apparatus and 89 career and volunteer firefighters.

Deputy Chief Jim White

Deputy Chief Jim White has been a resident of Catoosa County since 1979 and a member of the fire service for 41 1/2 years. He joined the Ringgold Fire Department in June of 1981 at the newly opened Fire Station #3 in the Graysville area. Chief White was soon promoted to Driver/Operator in 1984. In 1986, Chief White was promoted to Lieutenant and Captain in 1989. 

Chief White also received his "Georgia Chief Fire Officer" certification in 2019.

Chief Fire Marshal Glenn Davis

Chief Davis has been a resident of the City of Fort Oglethorpe since 1959. He joined the Post Volunteer Fire Department in 1973 as a Firefighter. Since then, Chief Davis has worked his way through the ranks of Sergeant in 1984, Lieutenant in 1989, Captain in 1990, Battalion chief in 1991, Assistant Chief in 1998 and was hired by the Fort Oglethorpe Fire Rescue in 2000 to become the first full time Fire Marshal. In 2020 he was hired by Catoosa County Fire Department as the first Fire Marshal for the county. Chief Davis has served the citizens of Fort Oglethorpe and Catoosa County for 50 years on March 1, 2023.

Chief Davis is a member of the International Fire Chief Association, Georgia Association of Fire  Chiefs, Northwest Georgia Fire Chiefs Association, International Fire Marshal Association, Georgia Fire Inspectors Association, International Code Council, North Georgia Code Officials Association, National Fire Protection Association, Georgia Fire Fighters Association, Tri-State Mutual Aid Association, and Georgia Mutual Aid Group.

Chief Davis, through his many years in firefighting and fire prevention, has received several awards of the years including: Georgia State Educator of the Year 2009, Fort Oglethorpe Fire Fighter of the Year 1988, Fort Oglethorpe Fire Officer of the Year 1991, East Ridge Valor Award 1994, and North Georgia EMS Life Savor of the Year 1991.

Assistant Chief of Training Britt Whitlock

Chief Whitlock started in the fire service on his 18th birthday in July of 1988 as a volunteer. He has been in emergency services, in some form, ever since. In the fire service, he has been a volunteer, a part timer, and a career member. Chief Whitlock has worked for 9-1-1 as a call taker, dispatcher, and Communications Training Officer. He has also worked for TVA as a Fire Instructor at their training center.

"I have had the pleasure of being involved with training in pretty much every aspect of my life, have always enjoyed teaching others and have a passion for it. I am both excited and honored to be the Assistant Chief of Training and EMS for the Catoosa County Fire Department. I am looking forward to many years of serving this department and the citizens and visitors of Catoosa County."

Chief Whitlock has been married for almost 23 years to his wife, Valerie and they have 4 children. 

Battalion Chief 1 Brian Dedmon

Battalion Chief Dedmon began his firefighting career as a volunteer for Catoosa County Fire Department in 1992. In 1994, while still volunteering, Chief Dedmon expanded his career by becoming a Catoosa County 9-1-1 dispatcher. He then attended the Georgia State Academy in 2001 and was enrolled in the Georgia State Patrol class. In 2008, Chief switched into a State Trooper position. In 2021, Chief Dedmon was hired into his current position as the volunteer coordinator. He also assists the Training Division with instructing Career Recruit Classes and monthly training for our career staff at Catoosa County.

Chief Dedmon has been married to his wife, Cindy, for 25 years. They have 3 beautiful daughters, Hana, Morgan, and Briana.

Battalion Chief 2 Troy Bailey

Battalion Chief Troy Bailey has been a resident of Catoosa County since 2004, when he moved from Chattanooga, where he was raised. Chief has been married to his wife, Beth, for 28 years and they have 1 son, Andrew. 

"Although, I had wanted to be a firefighter from a young age, it took me until I was 43 years old to come into the fire service. I joined the volunteer ranks at Catoosa County in November 2008. I was assigned to Station 2 in the Woodstation community. I went through the registered volunteer recruit class and passed. A year later, I went through FF1 class and received my Firefighter 1 State Certification. I have been a volunteer most of my career, but I did work as a part time firefighter at Catoosa County for 4 years before returning as a volunteer. Shortly after coming back, I was hired by Fort Oglethorpe Fire and Rescue as a part time firefighter. I served both departments for the next 2 years until I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at Catoosa County Station 2. In 2018, I assumed the position of Volunteer Training Coordinator which took over the training responsibilities for the volunteers. In 2019, I received my Fire Instructor 1 certification and and was promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief. I never thought of myself as a teacher,  but I love being a volunteer instructor. I am honored and proud to be associated with the Catoosa County fire Department. I have also enjoyed my time as a firefighter while serving the citizens of Catoosa County."

Battalion Chief Drew Tapley (Shift Commander)

Chief Drew Tapley has been with Catoosa County Fire Department since 2011. He was recently promoted from Captain to Battalion Chief and is currently assigned to A-Shift as the Shift Commander. Chief Tapley also works in the Fire Prevention Bureau as a Fire Inspector/Investigator. Chief Tapley holds an Associate Degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University. He is certified through the National Board of Fire Service Professional Qualifications as Firefighter Level I & II, Fire Officer Level I & II, Fire Inspector Level I & II, Fire Instructor Level I & II, Fire Investigator, and is a Nationally Registered and Georgia Licensed Advanced EMT. In 2022, he obtained the certification of Georgia Chief Fire Officer through the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs.

Battalion Chief Rodney Johnson (Shift Commander)

Chief Rodney Johnson started his career at Walker County Fire and Rescue in 2006 as a full time employee. While staying employed at Walker County, Captain Johnson joined Catoosa County Fire Department as a part time member in 2008. He then moved over to a full time position at Catoosa County in 2015. Captain Johnson proudly became a Georgia Smoke Diver in 2010 and still enjoys participating with on-going Smoke Diver classes. He was recently promoted to Battalion Chief and serves as the Shift Commander on B-Shift.

Captain Johnson has been married to his wife, Rebecca, since 2001. They have 2 amazing sons, Corbin and Gavin, and a gorgeous Golden Doodle named Stella. 

Battalion Chief Chris Friar   (Shift Commander)

Chief Chris Friar is a recently promoted Battalion Chief and serves as the Shift Commander for C-Shift.  He's been in the fire service since 2006 and is also an Advanced EMT. He got his start at Walker County Fire and was the first licensed Advanced EMT for that Department. 

"I love spending time with my family. I married my high school sweetheart at 20 years old (That's been a while) and we have 2 daughters. I'm a car guy. I like to mess with anything automotive and ride my Harley as much as possible."

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