Explorers Post #2305

The Explorer program is divided into numbered local groups called "Posts" which are sponsored and organized by a fire department in the area. This fire department provides some funding, materials, gear, and a place to meet and train. A Post is typically run by the post officers, headed by an Explorer Captain, who is first Explorer in command and usually elected annually by the Post membership. In addition to the captain, there are one or more lieutenants who act as second and third in command. Besides the officers, other positions include secretary, engineer, treasurer and others. Also, a number of adult leaders, called "advisors", are required of every post. Advisors are above the Captain in command and advise the officers and provide training and supervision for Post activities and events.

The Explorer Post 2305 is led by certified firefighters from Catoosa County Fire Department who serve as trained advisors.

The Explorers are required to get a certain number of training hours and are put through a series of Skill checks and a written exam. After the completion of all requirements, the Explorer is now able to partake in a ride-along on an engine or truck and respond to actual fire and medical emergencies. During these ride-alongs, Explorers will have the opportunity to use the skills they received at training to assist department personnel on emergency incidents and participate in other station activities and duties.