Every station that we run and operate have their very own Captain that is responsible for the smooth operations of day-to-day requirements. You can learn a little bit about them below!

Station 1 - Justin Moore

Captain Justin Moore started his career as a volunteer at Walker County Fire and Rescue in 2011. Since then, Captain Moore has moved to the career side and worked for Cobb County and Fort Oglethorpe Fire and Rescue. In 2015, Captain Moore proudly became a Georgia Smoke Diver. Captain Moore has been with Catoosa County Fire Department since 2016 and is currently the Captain of Station 1 in Ringgold. 

Captain Moore has been happily married to his wife, Amy, since 2017 and they have a wonderful son named Hank.

Station 2 - Brandon Cruse

Captain Brandon Cruse started his career in the fire service as a volunteer with Fort Oglethorpe Fire and Rescue in 2005. After 6 months, he moved over to the career side with Cherokee County Fire. In 2012, Captain Cruse decided it was time to move his job closer to home and started with Walker County Fire. He moved once more in 2013 to Catoosa County fire, where he currently serves as a Captain at Station 2, The Manor. Throughout his career, he has also worked part time with Erlanger Events Medicine and Industrial Emergency Services at Volkswagen.

Captain Cruse has lived in Catoosa County since 2003 with his wife Tracy and their 5 children. 

Station 3 - Jonathan Ingle

Captain Jonathan Ingle started his career as an explorer with the City of Knoxville Fire Department Explorer Post 686. In 2006, Captain Ingle join Walker County Fire and Rescue as a volunteer and in 2007 as a full-time career firefighter. In 2014, Captain Ingle joined the Catoosa County Fire Department and rose through the ranks to his current position. Captain Ingle also serves as a member of the Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force 6.

Captain Ingle holds numerous National Professional Board (NPQ)/ Pro Board in Firefighter 1 & 2, Apparatus Operator-Pumper, Fire Instructor 1 & 2, Fire Inspector 1, Fire Officer 1 -4 and various technical/specialized training: Rope 1 & 2, Structural Collapse, Confined Space and Trench.

Captain Ingle has earned numerous accommodations: Merits and Valor awards throughout his career.

Captain Ingle has been married to his wife, Tracy, since 2008. They also have 2 beautiful daughters, Piper and Andi Mae.

Station 4 - Dave Petty

Captain Dave Petty began as a volunteer in 2006 and transitioned into full time in 2013. He currently serves as the Captain of Catoosa County Station 4. He is a Georgia Certified Firefighter and Fire Investigator.

He holds certifications that include, National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)/ProBoard accreditation in Fire Officer 2, Fire Fighter 2, HazMat Technician, Evaluator, Instructor, Apparatus Operator – Pumper, Rope Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician. Captain Petty is nationally Registered as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed in Tennessee and Georgia. Georgia EMS Region 1 Representative. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Administration with Honors and a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in non-fire related fields.

Station 6 - Tim Bartlett

More info to come!

Station 7 - Greg Wheatley

Captain Greg Wheatley began his career at Catoosa County Fire in November of 2014 as a Volunteer and then transitioned  to Full Time in August of 2016. Since starting his career at Catoosa County, Captain Wheatley has had the privilege of working with great crews and leaders. In 2016, Captain Wheatley received his Associates Degree in Fire Science and since as furthered his knowledge by receiving numerous NPQ/Pro Board Certifications. 

He was recently promoted in April 2023 from his role as a lieutenant to Captain.

Captain Wheatley is looking forward to settling into his role as Captain of, what he calls the best fire station at the department, Fire Station 7 - "The Night Train". 

Captain Wheatley has been married to his wife, Crystal, for 20 years. She has been his biggest supporter for following his dream of being a firefighter. They have a beautiful daughter together named Piper. 

Station 9 - Blake Thomason

Captain Blake Thomason started his career at Walker County Fire and Rescue as a Volunteer in 2009. After completing and obtaining his Advanced Emergency Medical Technician certification in 2012, Thomason was hired Full-Time as a career firefighter. Captain Thomason worked Part-Time as a firefighter at Fort Oglethorpe Fire and Rescue. 

In 2021, Captain Thomason joined the Catoosa County Fire Department and rose through the ranks. He was recently promoted in April 2023 to his current position as Captain of Station 9, "The Calvary".

Captain Thomason has been married to his wife, Brooke, since 2013. They also have 2 little boys, Hunter and Hayden.